Sonia Will Remind Telangana Of Her Contribution To Statehood In Medchal Meeting

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi - Sakshi Post

Medchal: KLR Nagar grounds in Medchal is all set to welcome the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi or "Sonia amma ", as she is popularly known in the Telugu Congress circles, who will be addressing the Telangana crowds for the first time after it attained statehood.

She last attended a meeting in Karimnagar during the 2014 elections and TPCC leaders are going all out to ensure a mammoth crowd and suitable arrangements have been made for her to address the public. As it will be a day's visit, the Congress leaders want to make the most out of her presence.The posters welcoming her also carry out the meeting to be a "Historic meeting " and a last minute inclusion of Congress star campaigner Vijayashanthi's photograph along with the other TPCC leaders.

Poster released by TPCC 

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They also want to thank her for granting statehood, which might be one of the main talking points in her speech. As Sonia is going to be the first star attraction for the Congress since they started campaigning, the TPCC leaders feel that she would also boost the campaigning spirit among the party cadre and the Grand Alliance (MahaKutami) allies.

Speaking to the media at the grounds, TPCC treasurer Guduru Narayana Reddy said that the people of Telangana were aware that it was the Congress who had given statehood and Sonia Gandhi in particular was the one who signed the bill for separate statehood and fulfilled their decades-long dream of a separate Telangana, he said. Sonia Gandhi’s visit will certainly ensure the victory of the Mahakutami, he said.

Her son and Congress president Rahul Gandhi will also accompany her and it is said that Grand alliance partners T-TDP and TJS presidents L Ramana and Professor Kodandaram might also share the stage with Sonia Gandhi. Rumors are that BC rights activists Manda Krishna Madiga and R Krishnaiah are also expected to be there in an attempt to pacify some of the BC leaders who were denied tickets .

Apart from taking on TRS chief Chandrasekar Rao, Sonia will remind the TRS about the role of Congress in achieving statehood for Telangana, KCR's unfulfilled promises and also release the complete Congress Manifesto today.

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