Jana Reddy Beats A Hasty Retreat From Nagarjunapet 

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Nalgonda: Looks like the TRS party's speeches about the irrigation schemes and mission Bhageeratha has sunk into people's minds. Senior Congress leader and Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency candidate K Jana Reddy who was on a visit to Nagarjunapet received a rude shock when the local residents stopped him from speaking and questioned him upfront as to what developmental works had he done in the last thirty five years for them.

They questioned him as to why he had made no efforts to bring any lift irrigation scheme to the place. A couple of youngsters also mentioned there was no drinking water facility despite having Krishna river in the vicinity. They said he had failed them completely with regards to developmental activities.

Surprised at the villagers' verbal attack on him, Jana Reddy lost his cool and abused them which angered them further and many women objected to his remarks.

Infuriated that they were talking back to him, he said that he was there to talk and not listen to them and if they didn't like what he was saying they could go to somebody else. The youngsters protested against his language and this infuriated him further and he told the congress party workers to chase them out, but they didn't relent and in the end it was Jana Reddy who had to leave the place.

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