Can TRS Leaders Stars Help Party Win: Astrologer’s Predictions  

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What do astrologers have to say about the fortunes of prominent leaders of political parties in the electoral fray in the upcoming polls in Telangana?

KCR: A renowned astrologer we spoke to predicted a clear victory of the TRS and speaking of caretaker chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, he said that his stars were on the ascendant in the current phase. KCR, he aded, also did a very wise thing by performing the Rajasyamala yagam along with chandi homam and rudra chandi homam. The fact that he also performed worship of Lord Surya, Mahalingarchana and homams of all vigrahams further strengthened his stars in this period, he foretold.

KTR: The astrologer predicted that KTR would have continuity of the current phase as per the configuration of his stars. He will not see any phenomenal rise in his political career in the near future. However, what will stand KTR in good stead is his hard work and ability to strategise and draw up a plan to counter opponents in the electoral scene. The one factor which he needs to curb, however, is a sense of complacency which can be offset through regular Shakti pooja.

T Harish Rao: The caretaker minister's persevearance and his knowledge of grassroot politics will take him a long way. Currently, he's going through a very steady phase as per the planetary positions. His sound planning and foresight will be assets in strengthening the party at all levels.

Kalvakuntla Kavitha: This Telangana MP has a bright future in national politics, according to the astrologer. Her sense of clarity comes from her astrological chart. Her hard work will yield rich dividends both for her and the party and she will be seen as a role model for many women. The interest she takes in worshipping Shakti will ward off all evil and help her surmount obstacles which come her way. She should persist with Devi Puja, he added.

K Keshav Rao: According to the astrologer, Keshav Rao's best phase is behind him. However, he will continue to be a wise patriarch and will play a key mediator in the party.

Kadiyam Srihari: Currently in the best phase of his political career, this Telangana caretaker deputy chief minister will play a prominent role over the next term. As per his stars, the TRS leader will have an ever widening base of supporters over the next few years and will be the benefactor for his partymen as well as his region.

Nayani Narasimha Reddy: The caretaker home minister is past his prime in astrological terms. However, he can consolidate his position through Vinayaka Puja along with Hanuman puja on a daily basis.

Etela Rajender: As of now, Etela Rajender's stars have nothing to write home about, according to the astrologer. Worship of Lord Shiva in the form of Rudhrabhishekam and other pujas will help his prospects in his political career.
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