Will Revanth Reddy Pull Out Of Polls Over Congress Ticket?

Congress leader Revanth Reddy - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Seat allocation in the Congress is becoming a headache to the high command. The party has already released a list with 74 candidates and yet to announce remaining 19 candidates. Now the buzz is that senior leaders are using arm-twisting methods to get things done in the party.

Komatireddy brothers have declared that if Chirumarthi Lingaiah is not allowed to contest from Nakrekal then they are going to boycott elections. Recently, Revanth Reddy known for his fire brand attitude is also disappointed with the high command. He is believed to have said that all the assurances given to him while joining the party are not being implemented. He has also made a statement that if his followers are not given seats to contest he will withdraw from the elections.

Seats Revanth Reddy wants for his clout: 1. Warangal west(Narender Reddy) 2. Nizamabad(Arikela Narsa Reddy) 3. Armoor (Rajaram Yadav) 4.  Yellareddy (Subhash Reddy) 5. Devarkonda (Bilya Naik) 6. Yellandu(Hari Priya) 7. Suryapet(Patel Ramesh Reddy) 8. Chennur (Boda Janardhan)

With one family, one ticket policy of the congress high command it's highly unlikely that the party will heed to Revanth's demands.  In that case,  it would be interesting to watch if Revanth will resort to extreme measures if his demands are not met.

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