Gaddar Picks Gajwel To Counter KCR In Telangana Polls

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In a dramatic turn of events in Gajwel Constituency, balladeer Gaddar announced that he would contest as an independent candidate against caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao from the Gajwel Assembly constituency in the forthcoming elections. Gaddar who has been overly critical of the caretaker TRS government had expressed support to the Mahakutami and also met Congress Party Chief Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in Delhi expressing his intentions to contest.

Hoping to be backed by the Opposition Parties and the Grand Alliance who showed no particular interest in his intention, Gaddar has decided to go solo against the Chief Minister in his home turf. Congress leader and former MLA Vanteru Pratap Reddy also plans to contest from Gajwel as the Opposition candidate. It is also known that the CPM-led Bahujan Samaj party is planning to support Gaddar.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, Gaddar said he had written to TS Director General of Police (DGP) seeking police protection during the campaign and would start canvassing once he receives a reply from the police.

He said that he would first start his campaign from the tribal areas from November 15 to spread awareness about elections and voting in the tribal hamlets.

Sources say that the Grand Alliance (Mahakutami) leaders may speak with Gaddar to try and dissuade him from contesting against KCR as this might split the votes and in turn help the TRS win.

“I will contest as an independent candidate to defeat autocratic KCR. I don’t belong to any political party,” he said.

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