Vote For TRS If You Want Development: Harish Rao

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Gajwel: Caretaker Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao came down heavily on the Telugu Desam Party and its President N Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday. Addressing a gathering organised for the minorities, he accused the TDP leaders of not doing much about the welfare of the state. He also challenged Chandrababu to try and campaign in Telangana in the coming elections.

Speaking to the public he also said that the Telangana Congress had lost all self respect and that their alliance would in no benefit the state.

He said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao taught him a lesson and sent him packing off to Amaravati and that if he tried to interfere with the people of Telangana they would disclose his wrong doings. He also told the people that voting for The TRS meant voting for progress and that previous leaders like Geetha Reddy and Narsa Reddy had done nothing for the people of Gajwel. KCR had brought in change that was not to be seen in the last 50 years. He spoke about the Marriage Hall which was being constructed for more than two crores, and KCR was the first chief minister who had distributed clothes during Ramzan time which was not done before in India.

The Minister spoke at length about the various welfare schemes initiated by the TRS to improve the lives of neglected sections including the pension schemes for the Beedi workers and that more than Rs 250 crores was spent for the development of Gajwel and clearly stated that voting for TRS would mean voting for development.

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