The fast changing picture of Parkal constituency, like that of other seats took a new twist with the Mahakutami emerging on the scene. This surprising coming together of arch-rivals—TDP and Congress has put Konda Surekha, who recently crossed over from the TRS to the Congress, in a spot.

Surekha is known to be a heavyweight in the area and wields considerable clout across constituencies in the region. After joining the Congress, she had hoped to contest from Parkal, but as it turns out, other Congress leaders in the area seem to be throwing their weight behind the TDP. In all likelihood, the Yellow party might field Revuri Prakash Reddy, who has a fair degree of influence in the area. Originally, it is said that Prakash Reddy wantet to contest from Narasampet, but the Congress insisted on feilding its own canddiate from there and instead asked the Telugu Desam to choose between Parkal or Warangal East. In the given circumstances, Prakash Reddy seems to be leaning towards Parkal, painting Konda Surekha into a corner. Inevitably, it appears, she would have t contest from Warangal East, even while she is preparing herself to contest from Parkal. It is learnt that she has been interacting with voters in the area who are familiar with her and her husband MLC K Muralidhar Rao.

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