TDP Grand Alliance Hype Without Ideologies: Harish Rao

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Siddipet: Caretaker Irrigation Minister in Telangana government, T. Harish Rao, ridiculed the Grand Alliance in the state, bringing the TDP and Congress together, along with smaller parties, as hype without any cementing ideology or scruples. He asserted that the people of the state would teach a fitting lesson to leaders who are in alliance with the TDP and were backing Telangana traitor, Chandrababu Naidu. The people of Telangana would not tolerate any further injustice to them, he said, adding that the masses would resist all plots to turn over the reins of the state, to people from Andhra.

Earlier, in Siddipet, AITUC workers joined the TRS at a combined Medak district association of "hammaalis" or helpers/porters. Speaking at a meeting to mark the occasion, Harish Rao predicted that the Grand Alliance would get a sound drubbing in the upcoming assembly elections. The senior TDP leader derided the Grand Alliance as an opportunistic coming together of disparate entities purely to garner votes. Neither the Congress nor the TDP had any interest in the welfare of the state, he commented. "Was it not Chandrababu Naidu who impeded the development of Telangana and its statehood in the past?" he asked.

Harish Rao lambasted the Congress party for tying up with Chandrababu who was obstructing development in Telangana by seeking to deny the state its due share of river waters. If the Grand Alliance comes to power, would Chandrababu as an active stakeholder in it, allow Telangana to get its share of waters, he questioned. The senior TRS leader recalled that Chandrababu, in alliance with the BJP merged 7 mandals from the state of Telangana into AP. "Who can forget the role of Chandrababu with respect to Lower Sileru project and the paper plant,"? Harish Rao said.

Harish Rao said. Chandrababu took sadistic delight at the power woes, withering crops and farmers' suicides of the nascent Telangana state, he recalled. The AP chief minister continued to be a stumbling block in the completion of Kaleshwaram, Palamuru and other projects, he pointed out. The irrrigation minister criticised the Congress for shamelessly glossing over these facts and opting for political expediency.

Chandrababu Naidu had still not turned over the keys of the state secretariat to the Telangana government, which was a reflection of his manipulative mindset, he pointed out.

He reminded the gathering that the state of Telangana had been achieved as a culmination of the sacrifices of thousands of students and others who were martyred for the cause. Harish Rao said that it was unfortunate that Kodandaram chose to be a part of the Grand Alliance.

He also stressed on the fact that it was caretaker chief minister, K. Chandrashekhar Rao, should get another term in office for the state to continue on the trajectory of progress.

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