TRS Will Ensure TDP Defeat 

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Ranga Reddy : The Telugu Desam Party did well in Ranga Reddy of Telangana the last time around, winning a few seats, even if the party was routed in other parts of the state. Six MLAs who won on TDP tickets switched parties, with the exception of LB Nagar MLA Krishnaiah. GHMC and MLC elections were the triggers for more defections to the TRS.

But in small pockets the belief that they are strong led to the idea of a grand alliance or Mahakutami between the Congress, TDP and the left parties and the TJS. This also led to short-lived enthusiasm in the Telugu Desam party cadre. Initially, the TDP thought that it would cast its net wider and would contest from all the places which they won in 2014. They first sought Uppal,LB Nagar, Serilingampally, Kukatpally,Rajendra Nagar and Quthubullapur but after the Congress raised objections to their demands, pruned them to Uppal and Kukatpally.

Malkajgiri is going to be with TJS, and therefore they had to give in. With parties in the grand alliance pulling in different directions, TDP leaders have started their election campaign for the upcoming elections. In Uppal, Ex-minister Devender Goud’s son Veerender Goud has already started his campaign.

In LB Nagar Sama RangaReddy is interacting with the public as a part of the campaign. However, the biggest irony is that candidates have starteed campaigning while discussions are ongoing about allocating the seats.

The TDP has not reckoned the TRS factor it appears. The KCR-led party is determined to ensure the defeat of TDP and has tremendous goodwill even in constituencies where the TDP fancies it has chances.

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