TRS Hit By Dissidence In Kagaznagar 

Kaventi warns turning into rebel - Sakshi Post

Kagaznagar (Komaram Bheem Asifabad district): Talking to media here at his residence Ex MLA Kaveti Sammaiah of Sirpur claimed that injustice has been done to BCs in the Sirpur constituency. He said that he had been working hard for the party and had contested as an MLA on TRS ticket twice. He pointed out that he even resigned for Telangana once, but the ticket had been allocated to someone else says. "In 2014 TRS won 63 constituencies and formed government as MLA strength was low, I let the other person from Andhra win in the polls," he claimed.

Sammaiah said that over the past five years he had been asking the high command to render justice to him and they had been assuring him. But the high command should reconsider its decision and let him contest, since he fought for Telangana. Further, he pointed out that he was a BC . Many people have spread falshoods about him and as a result he was denied a ticket, he claimed.

He further added that Andhra and Telangana are now divided but Sirpur has not yet become a part of Telangana . If he is denied a ticket, he would contest as a rebel candidate, he added.

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