Kodandaram as Chief of Telangana Parirakshana Vedika?

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In a latest political update, the Congress party, TDP,CPI and TJS have named their Mahakutami as the ‘Telangana Parirakshana Vedika’ and that the main goal of this platform is to protect the interests of the state of Telangana and defeat the TRS party in the coming elections. In principle all the parties have agreed to make Prof Kodandaram as the Chairman of this Committee. They are requesting Prof Kodandaram not to contest in the coming elections instead support them by campaigning in the state. The Committee will also be involved in implementing the all party manifesto once it comes to power and that task also would be entrusted to Prof Kodandaram.

.Meanwhile TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar and the rest of the Kutami leaders plan to have discussions regarding the seat allotment and sharing by the allied parties. They also plan to entrust the seat adjustment task for Prof Kodandaram to handle. The T Congress party plans to allot 14 seats to the TDP , 5 for the TJS & 3 for the CPI.But TDP is expecting 20 and the CPI want 8 seats in the bargain . However, there is no confirmation yet whether Prof Kondandaram would agree to the Chairman post as yet, but the TPCC chief Uttam Kumar is keen that he heads the Committee.

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