DK Aruna Crosses Swords With KCR

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The war of words between Telangana caretaker chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao and State Congress leaders has escalated with TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy calling KCR a 'battebaaz' and 'dhokebaaz' (cheat). KCR wasted no time in hitting back at the Congress leaders in his Wanaparthy public meeting. Launching a scathing attack on Uttam Kumar and other leaders, he said that when he called for a debate on the irrigation needs of Telangana in undivided AP Assembly, Uttam and others 'ran away' claiming that they had come unprepared. KCR also cautioned DK Aruna to mind her language. In a vitriolic attack on her, the TRS supremo said that she offered accorded a traditional welcome to Raghuveera Reddy in Anantapur, who was responsible for diverting Telangana waters to that region. He threatened to expose her and said that these pictures and videos would be circulated in Gadwal to reach every single house.

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Quick to hit back, DK Aruna reminded the KCR that he was a mere caretaker chief minister. He should not get intoxicated with power because power and posts are impermanent, she said. DK Aruna also accused KCR of losing his mental balance out of the fear of defeat. DK Aruna dared KCR to release photographs and videos of her welcoming Raghuveera Reddy in Anantapur as alleged by him. KCR was still trying to play up the Telangana sentiment as if we were living in undivided AP, she asserted.

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The senior Congress leader described KCR's fast-unto-death in NIMS as a fake protest fast and said that they as ministers in the government at that time covered up for him only for the sake of Telangana. DK Aruna also dared KCR to expose her as he threatened to and accused him of using such threats because he had no answers to the questions she had posed earlier. Invoking Jogulamma and all the other goddesses of Telangana, she said that she was cursing him to face defeat in the upcoming elections.

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