Kishan Reddy Flays TRS For Donating Land To Owaisi Hospital

BJP leader Kishan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP leader Kishan Reddy flayed the KCR government for gifting government land to the Owaisi hospital. The TRS government had earlier announced the allotment of 6500 square yards to the Owaisi hospital in Bandlaguda in Ranga Reddy District here. The State High Court yesterday stayed this decision.

Kishan Reddy faulted the TRS government for donating land worth 40 crores to the Owaisi hospital. Speaking to reporters here, BJP leader wondered whether the Owaisis had ever helped poor Muslim students by giving at least one seat. Seats in medicine were sold, he alleged. He lashed out at the TRS saying that in the past, the Congress leaders bowed before the MIM, but it appeared as if the TRS leadership prostrated before the Majlis leaders.

Kishan Reddy sought an apology to the people of Telangana from the TRS leadership. He further said that Courts would strike down such decision wherein public property was gifted arbitrarily. Reddy criticised the TRS government of making it seem as if there’s a quid pro quo.

Kishan Reddy said there was no basis in the wild allegations being made by Congress leaders including Jana Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy with regard to IT raids on Revanth Reddy and his associates. He denied the involvement of the BJP in the matter.

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