Former MLA Jagga Reddy Held On Human Trafficking Charge, Uttam Cries Vendetta

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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Task Force police on Monday night arrested senior leader of the Congress party and former MLA Jagga Reddy on charges of human trafficking. The police revealed that they had recently found out Jagga Reddy's involvement in trafficking to the US, a Gujarathi woman, boy and a girl.

In 2004, Jagga Reddy had traveled to the US by carrying fake passports of the three, claiming that the woman was his wife, the boy and the girl his children, said the police. Acting on a complaint from the Passport officers, the Task Force police took the politician into custody and filed a case in the Market police station.

Another team of the Task Force took one of Jagga Reddy's supporters, who had worked as his Personal Assistant (PA) back then. It is learnt that the police are currently questioning the two in a secret location, to find out more about the three Gujarathis. It is believed that the three are still residing in the US. The police are yet to find the agents behind the trafficking and the reason why Jagga Reddy had helped them travel to the US.

Earlier this morning, the Congress leader had undergone medical tests at Gandhi Hospital, before the police presented him before the Court. Speaking to media after the Court hearing, Jagga Reddy said that the fake passport allegations were false and that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) was using the police force to take a revenge against him.

"I was never involved in any trafficking issue. The TRS leaders are trying to spoil my political reputation in its attempts to foil the Congress party's upcoming public meeting in Sanga Reddy," Jagga Reddy said.

Adding that caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and caretaker minister Harish Rao were also booked under fake passport cases, he said that the TRS was trying to weaken his political career before the Assembly elections by digging an issue that dates back to 2004.

Folowing the arrest of Jagga Reddy last night, TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy, party leaders Bhatti Vikramarka, Shabbir Ali, Revanth Reddy Sunitha Lakshma Reddy, Sampath, Dr Sravan Kumar and Vikram Goud rushed to DGP Mahender Reddy's residence and handed a memorandum.

Speaking to media after meeting the DGP, Uttam said that the State police were acting as KCR's supporters. "How could the police arrest someone without serving prior notice? Saying that the police were taking action on an FIR registered in 2004 on KCR's word, he demanded that the police arrest KCR and Harish Rao, who were accused in an illegal immigration case in the same year," the PCC Chief said.

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