In the midst of the political brouhaha over the Telangana Assembly elections, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy landed in a soup over his comments of "dishwashing in the US" on Telangana caretaker IT minister K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR). Several NRIs from Telangana, who felt that the comments were derogatory against them, are pouring their angst by flooding the social media with demands of apology to minister KTR and the lakhs of NRIs living across the world.

Earlier today, KTR took a jibe at Uttam with his latest tweet. Responding to Uttam's comments that KTR spent time dish-washing when he was in the US, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader defended himself by saying he washed his dishes at his home in the US, and that he was proud to have earned a living on his own unlike Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Referring to Rahul as 'Pappu', KTR said, "I am proud that I've worked & earned a decent living on my own unlike your Pappu."

The TPCC Chief's comments provoked the ire of the NRIs and it is believed that the Congress leader received phone calls demanding his apology. "We NRI’s condemn and demand an apology for Uttam Kumar Reddy's 'dishwasher comments'.

The Telangana Non-residents Indian community is infuriated with the comments. Washing dishes and cleaning our own toilets is not a crime, it’s a common practice for most of the NRI’s," Mahesh Bigala, TRS NRI Coordinator said.

In his tweet, KTR also mentioned the 2014 incident in which burnt cash was found in Uttam's car during the election campaign. "Dear @UttamTPCC Garu, I may have washed dishes in my home in the US (which by the way is what every Indian in US does in their own homes) I am proud that I’ve worked & earned a decent living on my own unlike your Pappu

Unlike you I didn’t loot people’s money & burn it in my car," KTR's tweet read.

In another tweet, KTR targetted AICC Secretary and Telangana affairs Incharge RC Khuntia for his comments on US-based multinational company Apple's shifting of its office from Hyderabad. The TRS leader said that Apple began its operations in the city in August 2016. Apple currently employs over 3,500 people in Hyderabad, making it their largest centre outside the United States.

Here's what KTR said: "This Gentleman who’s the AICC (aka Delhi Sultanate) in charge says something that only a Scamgress joker can say; Ignorance is bliss

FYI to all, Apple started operations in Hyderabad in August, 2016 & currently employs 3,500 plus people which is their largest centre outside of US."

Here are the reactions from the Telangana NRI's to Uttam Kumar Reddy's comments:

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