TJS To Contest Panchayat Elections

CPI supporters joining TJS - Sakshi Post

Miryalaguda: The Telangana Jana Samiti party has decided to contest the upcoming panchayat elections in the state. An announcement to this effect was made here on Sunday by party district in charge Gavva Vidyadhar Reddy. Around 80 persons belonging to CPI along with their leader Srinu Naik joined TJS.

Later addressing the gathering, Vidyadhar Reddy said TJS would become an unstoppable power by 2019 elections and called upon all workers to turn into soldiers and strengthen the party. He said people were ready to sing a swansong to the anti-people TRS.

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The programme was attended by assembly constituency coordinator Kranthi Kumar, Nalla Anjaiah, Durga, Kommu Nagender, Malla Reddy, Srinu Naik, Bala Shaeed, Naveen and other leaders were present.

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