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Hyderabad: TRS leaders of Nizamabad district today met MP Kavitha to discuss what was called as rebellious attitude of senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP D Srinivas. The leaders met TRS MP at her residence in Nizamabad. It is learnt that they have demanded the ouster of DS from the party and have even addressed a letter to state chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

The issue of DS cropped up since he has been staying in New Delhi for the last three days and it is said that he is meeting senior Congress leaders. According to TRS leaders, DS has met senior Congress leaders and even discussed the matter of his rejoining the Congress party.

Nizamabad district leaders said that respecting DS' seniority, the TRS leadership had given him cabinet rank. But unfortunately right from the day he joined TRS, he has been trying to build groups within the party for gaining personal mileage. The senior leader was involved in different corruption cases, they alleged. They said that DS was in Delhi to rejoin the Congress party. He was of no use to the TRS, they said. In fact, his presence will damage party prospects. Unless immediate action is not taken against him, the party will have suffer more, they warned.

It is learnt that TRS leadership was also unhappy with DS work and attitude. They were preparing the ground for his ouster which might happen within a couple of days. Surprisingly, DS supporters are not reacting to all these happenings. They have not raised their voice against the TRS leaders' accusations on DS.

DS Responds to TRS Leaders

Rajya Sabha MP responded to the accusations made by Nizamabad district TRS leaders. Whe the media questioned DS about the latest developments, he said "No comments." He said he was surprised by the action of the district leaders and said it was ok with him if TRS leaders had complained against him to the CM. "They have complained against me... they are not going kill me."

DS clarified that in his entire political career he had never worked against the interests of the party, irrespective of whichever party he was with. He said in such a situation it was not right on his part comment. Meanwhile, it is learnt, DS had called for an important meeting with his son and his key supporters.

For some time now, there has been news that DS was unhappy with TRS since they were ignoring him. It is said that he was planning to shift party loyalties. Already his elder son had joined BJP, while for the younger son, DS had been requesting for a plum post in TRS. Since his son was not given an important post in the party, he was planning to join the Congress, it was rumoured.

DS supporters recently recalled the statements of MP Kavitha saying that DS was not invited to TRS, and that he had requested to be included in the party. With all the issues lining up, DS had decided to shift his loyalties. It is learnt that he had met Gulam Nabi Azad in Delhi a couple of days ago.

It is learnt that DS has sought an appointment of CM K Chandrashekar Rao to explain about the issue. The CMO has responded and has called DS for a likely meeting with KCR today a 6 pm.

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