Telangana Congress MPs' threat to Sonia

Telangana Congress MPs' threat to Sonia - Sakshi Post

An all-party meet was inevitable for the Congress considering there was pressure from members from its own party. However, the latest buzz is even more interesting.

Reports suggest that Telangana Congress MPs have given the Congress High Command an ultimatum to take a call on the separate statehood for Telangana. Not just this, they have gone one step ahead and also said in no uncertain terms that if the Centre fails to act on the issue soon, then it must be willing to lose some senior politicians.
Soon after Ghulam Nabi Azad confirmed about the date,venue and time for the all-party meet called by Shinde, the Centre thought it had extinguished the fire for now. However, looks like it was not to be as was revealed during the meeting the Telangana Congress MPs had with Sonia Gandhi.
Reports suggest that during the meeting, the MPs thanked Sonia for agreeing to call for an all-party meet. However, they also told her about the open invitation they had from KCR. The MPs firmly told Sonia that should the Centre act in favour of Telangana, then the Congress was sure to sweep the 2014 polls. Should they fail to do that, then the party must be prepared to watch Congress MPs and MLAs migrate to other parties.
The delegation is also supposed to have told the Congress president that the Congress must keep up its word made in December 2009!
So, what then will emerge out of the all-party meet? With the rising popularity of YSRCP in the state and Naidu's open criticism against the party calling it 'incapable', can the Congress afford to take another chance? Or is it willing to take courage to declare a separate statehood for Telangana? The verdict will be out on December 28!




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