Telangana: Congress gains while TRS loses?

Telangana: Congress gains while TRS loses? - Sakshi Post

Elections are only a few months away. As the pressure builds to make maximum impact on people, every party is chalking out strategies to woo voters. And Congress has found its best bet in Andhra Pradesh.

The ruling party has chosen to use the contentious Telangana as its trump card. Cliched as it may sound there's no other way it could have handled the issue.

With corruption scandals plaguing the party and also it's fading visibility in the state, Congress had to work out a means. And what better issue than the burning one? With rising speculation  that a resolution on Telangana is on cards, political analysts feel that Congress can't go back on its word this time. With elections nearing, the party has no choice but to state its stand. The latest hint was given my none other than the newly appointed state affairs party in-charge, Digvijaya Singh. The AICC general secretary suggested that Congress has began its work on the Telangana resolution. This sudden declaration stems from the fear that BJP will pip Congress with the Telangana promise to voters. Senior Congress leaders are already preparing a roadmap. This is the party's only hope to ensure a strong votebank. If Congress does declare Telangana as a separate state then its votes are guaranteed. But guess who will be the loser in the game? KCR of course!

It's common knowledge that KCR was the person who initiated the Telangana movement with his fast-unto-death move. Now, if Telangana becomes a reality, then people will certainly vote for a party that they hope will help develop their state. It will be a big loss for KCR. Although the TRS has been repeatedly stating that Telangana state's first chief minister would be a Dalit, KCR sure doesn't want to lose out on a plum post considering he has worked hard to earn separate statehood for his region, or so he thinks. If someone else derives the fruits of his efforts wouldn't he be disappointed?

Now that  Congress has made a big move in the direction of setting the stage for election campaigns, it will be interesting to watch strategies that TRS will adopt to gain voter confidence.


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