Telangana Assembly Meets For 10 Minutes To Approve Land Acquisition Bill 

Telangana Assembly approves land acquisition bill in a special session on Sunday - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: It was a special session of Telangana Legislative Assembly; special in a way not actually intended - the spcial session which was convened to approve the Land Acquisition Bill ended in just 10 minutes on Sunday.

Even as the Opposition was trying to attack the government on the Bill as well as the mirchi farmers' grievances, the Speaker S. Madhusudanachary announced the adjournment of the Assembly after a ceremonial procedure of approving the Bill amidst the Congress party's insistence on a debate.

Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali mooted the amendments proposed by the Centre to the Bill which was already introduced and without any debate the Speaker announced that it they were approved by a voice vote. Three amendments and two clauses were appended to the Bill.

The Speaker's way of concluding the procedure and an abrupt adjournment of the House left the Congress in utter shock and confusion.

As BJP and TDP members were in suspension since the last session, and MIM being the ruling TRS party's ally, Congress party's outcry was totally ignored.

Outraged over the utter negligence meted out to them in the Assembly, the Congress staged protest outside the House.

The Legislative Council is scheduled to meet at 3pm for the same purpose.

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