What Are The Important Tactics Before Launching Web-Store?

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A good businessman knows how important it is to learn business tactics and strategies. Tactics are the smart moves and actions that help in achieving defined objectives. You can’t launch a brand in one day. It is a long term planning which makes a perfect business success story.

Pre-working is mandatory before stepping into the digital world. Delivering more than expected would bring more growth. There are more than 1.5 Billion websites and thousands of new websites get live on a daily basis. And every single day hundreds of new e-commerce websites are being launched. Only a perfectly executed strategy can make your web-store prosperous.

In a digital world every single person has access to the internet. Shopping is a favorite hobby of millions of people. Over 1.8 billion people buy online. Customers feel satisfied when they buy a quality product from user-friendly websites.

Good decision making can make the store launch a huge win. Before launching an e-commerce web store always keep these tactics in your mind:

Decide Unique Niche

The most important decision in a business is to plan what you want to sell? Before starting a new web-store always look at what are the wants of the audience. What are the products/services which are not present in the specific region?

The best successful tactic of web-store business is to choose a unique niche that has less competition in the market. A unique niche will help increase the visibility of your product/services. The unique element in your product/services will grow your brand’s profit and demand.

Create a Catchy Business Slogan/Tagline

A business slogan or tagline represents the vision and mission. Business slogans have the power to attract the customer’s attention. These few smart and unique words have the potential to make a strong position in the market. It highlights the brand image and objectives.

Develop Perfect Web-Store

The web-store interface should be designed in a form that it will inspire your target audience to shop from your e-commerce site. Only making the website would not go to benefit owners, if an online store is not excellent enough to attract the customers.

The recommended platform to showcase beautiful web-store is WooCommerce. It offers a lot of flexibility and comfortable customization options to its users. Its free installation saves the huge cost of product sellers. WooCommerce includes thousands of attractive plugins or themes that allow the business owners to professionally build an e-commerce site.

There are in fact thousands of free plugins or extensions in the Wordpress directory which makes it pretty easier for developers. For eg. a plugin named Woocommerce checkout field editor can help in editing the default checkout form fields quickly without any coding effort to the developers. There are many such plugins like Woocommerce dynamic pricing, Woocommerce variation swatches, etc which are all the leading free ones that could enhance the usability and sales of a Woocommerce store in various ways. There are even more useful plugins like the product image sliders, product zoom-in, automatic tax calculation, dashboard & cart, and payment gateway features which create best selling and buying experience. There are some paid plugins too which are available with even more features of the likes of Woocommerce product addons which is one of the leading premium plugins in its category, that comes with a lot of additional features at a nominal price.

WooCommerce is SEO friendly. Its integration with social sites helps in catering a large number of customers. WooCommerce unrestricted customization, built-in blogging, easily manageable product categories, product storing & filtering, product rating & reviews, currency and language options make it a leading eCommerce website development software.

There are a lot more e-commerce software present online like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Jimdo, SquareSpace, Weebly, eCommerce, and WixStores, etc. They all offer different web-store development features. The one thing to keep in mind while designing a website is to always choose the best platform plugins that would encourage your customers to visit the website again and again.

Do Professional Product Photography

Attractive product images play a core role in your sales. Because, customers can only see the image. He/She can’t physically check the product. You probably have heard “A first impression is the last impression”. Product pictures have a strong impact on a customer’s decision making power.

Always hire professionals for product photography. High-quality pictures with clear background make the product look more visible to customers. On the other hand, blurry and low pixel product pictures will make a bad reputation and low purchasing.

Make Social Media Presence

On social media things get viral in seconds. The News comes late on channels while people already know about new information through social media applications. Social media has the power to build strong roots of the brand.

Millions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter regularly. The best marketing tactic before launching your store is to make your website login access through social media for quick customer response. Attract customers through your official pages on Facebook or Instagram.

You may promote it on social media using these tactics

  • Put ads on multiple websites
  • Hire bloggers for paid promotions
  • Make sponsored ads on social media
  • Promote web-store through backlinks

Offer Promotions

To attract the audience, use the “Coming Soon” strategy. Keep your target audience updated about new stuff. Offer them multiple customer-friendly deals:

  • Buy one get one free deal
  • 30% off to first 100 customers
  • Return policy with money back warranty
  • Gifts on the purchases of $300 and above

Keep Enough Inventories in Stock

Before starting sales, always maintain the right balance of stock in your warehouse. A brand should not run out of stock at the beginning of the business. Starting a business with less stock means you are not ready to launch a business. The best idea is to approach people who have deep knowledge of inventory management.

Execute Shipment Plan

One of the most important things for e-commerce business entities is to execute an accurate shipment plan. Secure and on-time deliveries can build a trustable relationship with customers. Once the trust is built, customers will always make online purchases from your web-store.

A shipment plan may include;

  • What will be the delivery regions?
  • What will be Shipment gateway options?
  • Delivery deals and delivery time for customers?
  • Generating delivery tracking codes, etc.

Prepare Backup Plan

Success and failure are part of the business world. It is significant to make both short and long term plans. In the case of low sale at the beginning or no sales you should always have a financial backup plan to secure your e-commerce business. Financial planning would help store owners to pay salaries to employees and manage a store.

Create Review Page

Create a feedback platform for customer satisfaction and review. Taking customer reviews means you are giving importance to customer’s suggestions and compliments. Send them acknowledgement messages that you appreciate their time and efforts in giving feedback. These reviews help in improving weaknesses in products/services. Review channels also build a brand-customer relationship.

Final Remarks

Following a few significant tactics can make the e-commerce business flourish and save the brand from failure at the initial stage. It provides growth opportunities to the brand. Think before you start because you cannot stop fighting with competitors after starting. It would be a great loss.

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