Twittarati Offers Support To Biryani Emoticon Campaign

Biryani is not just a dish, it’s an emotion! (Image Courtesy: IANS) - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: A petition started last week by a music channel on getting an emoticon for 'biryani' made Twitterati offering their support to the campaign.

Twitter users posted pictures of the sumptuous Indian dish and offered support. One user wrote: "It's human nature to see emojis and feel excited, loved the whole idea of this emoticon. Thanks for this Biryani Emoticon".

"Someone gets tensed over waistline, and someon on calories. I only get tensed over when I will eat biryani next. Everyone is obliged for the emoticon", wrote a foodie.

One supporter of the emoticon called upon others to sign the petition "beacuse biryani is not only a dish it's an emotion".

Another user had a confession to make: "Whenever I'm a guest at someone's house I'm secretly judging their biryani's meat to rice ratio". (IANS)

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