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Twitter and its dashboard platform Tweetdeck suffered a major global outage on Wednesday leaving large number of users in the dark.

According to reports, Outage monitoring website received more than 4,000 reports of the incident globally, including Japan, Canada and India.

Users across the globe were unable to access tweets, media files, images videos, GIFs on Twitter. Tweetdeck login attempts by the users seemed to be redirecting them to Twitter's website.

"We've been experiencing outages across Twitter and TweetDeck. You might have had trouble Tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing DMs. We're currently working on a fix, and should be back to normal soon," the company said in a tweet.

According to reports, a Twitter representative had earlier told Reuters that the company was investigating issues with TweetDeck, which is used by reporters and other content creators for monitoring tweets from multiple Twitter accounts.

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Liveblog - Twitter, Tweetdeck Suffer A Global Outage

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