Beware! Google Search For Numbers Is Used To Siphon Off Money From Your Account

File Image - Sakshi Post

Recently a woman lost Rs 95,000 after she searched the number of Swiggy Go on Google and ended up getting a spam number instead. Now, scamsters are using Google search to fraud innocent netizens.

They pose as fake business listings and customer care numbers on websites to make people believe that ythey are real customer care number of apps like Swiggy, PayTm, Zomato, among others.

Gullible netizens, believing it is from Google search, fall into the trap and call on the number that pops up in Google search.

Google allows users to edit their contact details on Google maps and this is where the scammers use it to their advantage and edit the numbers and scam people.

These frausters ask for your personal deatils details including banking information.

Hence, people are advised to go to official sites and not depend on google search only.

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