Amazon Glitch: Customers Get Rs 9 Lakh Worth Camera Gears For Just Rs 6,500

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Hyderabad: Shopaholics splurged like crazy during the Amazon Prime Day Sale which was held on July 15 and 16 worldwide.

However, photography enthusiasts got extra lucky to get camera gears that were originally Rs 9 lakh but instead got it for Rs 6,500. Yes you saw that right! The original price of high-end camera gears, including brands like Sony, Fujifilm and Canon, that originally retailed for USD 13,000 was sold out for USD 95.

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A Canon EF 800 lens that generally retails at Rs 9 lakh was available for Rs 6,500.

Many speculated that it could be because of a technical glitch. But, nonetheless for the lucky ones it was worth a deal and thanked the retail giant owner and the world's wealthiest person Jezz Bezos for it.

Buyers took to Reddit to share their excitement regarding their lucky buy. One Reddit user wrote, "Bought the most expensive camera bundle during the prime day glitch for 94.48. Thank you, Bezos!"

Someone also wrote, "I somehow got a $3,000 camera for $94 on Prime Day last night. It just seems a little too good to be true. Do you guys think it will ship or get canceled because it was a glitch?"

Another user wrote, "I too got some deals from the prime day 'glitch'. $16,000+ in gear for about $800."

One Reddit user could only write, "Right place right time," and we totally feel him.

Other comments read, "Amazon Accidentally Sold $13,000+ Camera Gear for $100 on Prime Day."

Although, the sale lasted only for a short span, it was enough for large number of buyers to seal the deal.

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