How To Hide Caller ID When Calling Your Uber Driver

representational image - Sakshi Post

Generally after booking a cab passengers call the cab driver at least once before taking the ride to know the exact location of the driver. If the passenger calls the driver then the former's number is visible to the cabbie's mobile screen, few passengers find it uncomfortable to reveal their number to the cab drivers. But if the cab service has to be used then making a call is mandatory.

So the Cab service provider Uber has come up with a feature to hide the number of the passenger, while the driver is called. Uber has enabled this new feature called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

How to use the VoIP feature:

Enter the app, select the drop, pick up locations and book the cab. Once the cab is booked there is an option to call the driver, here now an option has been added to choose between voice call and free call.

If the passenger clicks on the free call pop up on the screen, then the call will be made through the VoIP feature. Later Uber application requests for passengers permission and once the permission is granted drivers name and call timer is seen. Only Uber is seen on the screen.

Uber is the first cab service provider in India to come up with the feature of VoIP, with this step they have taken a leap in safeguarding the customer privacy.

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