Will Speed Limit Feature On Google Maps Come To India?

Google Maps - Sakshi Post

San Francisco: The "speed limit" feature on Google Maps that has been confined to only some parts of the US, seems to have expanded to new areas, a media report said.

"One tipster from New York City, another from Los Angeles and yet another from Minnesota all tipped us about seeing the speed limits tonight on Maps," Android Police reported on Friday.

Although, since there have not been any major map updates recently, the reason of this feature-spread to other parts of the US is being speculated as the result of a server-side switch.

Confirmed in July 2017, the feature had only been functional in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

In October, Google downgraded the US's speed limit availability from "good data quality and availability" to "approximate data quality or availability", the report added.

There has been no word from the search-engine giant as yet confirming the expansion of the "speed limit" feature on Maps across US or globally.(IANS)

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