The current chip-based driving licenses might become invalid from July 1, 2019, and a new version of driving licenses replacing it will be issued. This upcoming license card will be valid across India. All states and union territories will issue the same kind of driving licenses. According to reports this new driving license will come with a QR code and a chip.

This new license will carry information on the card as usual, adding that they will carry information regarding the driver and the vehicle. This microchip looks similar to the one present on ATM card. This feature will help the traffic cops to get all the information from the card. The QR code on the license will provide required information such as pollution levels, insurance, and other vital details about the vehicle. The work of traffic police is made simple with this development as they can scan this QR code based license with a simple Android mobile. Where in, the current chip-based license requires a particular machine to scan the license.

It is being reported that the upcoming QR code-based driving license will hold a large amount of information about the driver numbering about 50 things. These include name of the vehicle owner, name, address, date of birth, educational qualification, identification, mobile number, type of vehicle, date of issue, validity and much more. The license is going to be equipped with the NFC system.

The chip also holds the invoices and the information regarding the violation of traffic rules. The officials confirmed that the new driving license will come into vogue soon as it is already specified in the Gazette. As of now, chip-based licenses are being issued, but they will become invalid once the new QR code format is rolled out.

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