Want Better Salary? Get A Hardware Networking Job In Bengaluru 

Benguluru city pays the highest salaries in the country, revealed a survey conducted by LinkedIn. - Sakshi Post

Benguluru city pays the highest salaries in the country, revealed a survey conducted by LinkedIn. According to the survey it not the software professionals who are being paid the most, it is Hardware, Networking employees who are paid more. LinkedIn has more than 5 crore users in the country, the second largest after USA. This salary survey is based on the user data of LinkedIn.

♦ Highest paying packages are in Bengaluru. The average of per annum pay in Bengaluru is Rs 12 lakhs, with Rs 9 lakhs in Delhi and Mumbai who share the second position. Hyderabad stands third with Rs 8.5 lakhs. Fourth in the list is Chennai with Rs 6.3 lakhs.

♦ Hardware professionals are highest paid with Rs 15 lakhs, next to software professionals with Rs 12 lakhs. Third are the professionals from consumer sector with Rs 9 lakhs.

♦ The hardware jobs which involve cutting edge technologies like Chip design, Networking pay more. This particular sector produces Integrated Circuits using hundreds of transistors. In the past two years, the salaries of hardware professionals were twice their experience, now they have quadrupled.

♦ With the surge in consumer data, the risk of data security is also on a rise leading to demand for the networking professionals, who can avert the data breach issues.

♦ Another reason for the increase in salaries is because of the new digital technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning. Employees with the sound knowledge of programming and extensive knowledge in other fields like Business, Finance, Medical are being paid well.

♦ Engineering directors are the highest paid of all, next to them are chief Operating officers, Executive directors, Vice presidents(sales), Senior Program Managers.

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