Does Your Cellphone Have A Mobile Airbag?

The ‘Mobile Airbag’ - Sakshi Post

Snigdha Raju

Honestly, how many times have you dropped your phone this month? Don’t you worry, for your mobile’s life is just as precious and protected as a passenger’s thanks to the ‘Mobile Airbag’.

A German student’s creation, this protective phone case a.k.a ‘mobile airbag’ will enable your phone from damage from falling by detecting a free fall. In case of one, the claw-like metal springs that deploy and cushion the blow.

Unlike the car airbags which cost a fortune to replace, this mobile airbag is thankfully reusable. The development of such a sensor that could detect when a free fall occurs, took the 25-year-old developer over four years to perfect the design in the form of a non-bulky yet effective phone case that can protect your phone.

Interestingly, he came up with the idea when he broke his smartphone after throwing his jacket over a flight of stairs. Frenzel refers to his invention, which recently won Germany’s Mechatronics Prize for 2018, as the “AD Case,” short for “active damping.”

Although patented, the product is not out in the market yet.

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