Nokia unveiled the Nokia revived 3310 feature phone, the Nokia 8110 4G at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

Although the Nokia 8110 does not have smartphone features and high end cameras, it is in good demand. Although the slider is the phone’s special feature, its simple user experience is appealing to most customers. The slider, which has to be manually moved up and down, is good enough for hanging up and picking calls, just like the older version.

As opposed to Android or iOS, the 8110 runs KaiOS, which is built around HTML5 and is optimised for smaller and less powerful phones. The new Nokia handset gives an oppurtunity to get the feel of the 90s phone, though it is not as fast as today’s high-end smart phones with ultra speed processors.

The curved candy bar shape of the Nokia 8110 is comfortable in the hand, much better than the heavy glass screened smart phones, and makes for an enjoyable experience while taking a phone call.

Besides a new “Snake” game, a web browser, an address book, an email client, basic camera, clocks and other basic functionalities are also accessible in the new feature phone.

The Nokia 8110 gives a 25 days of standby time and seven hours of talk time, featuring the double Sim facility. There is also space for a microSD card.

The latest release provides a 4G hotspot, and this is added advantage in the phone. Last year’s 3310 launched with 2G data, although 3G and 4G versions were launched throughout the year.