Techie kills self

Techie kills self - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada-born Techie Kommari Krishnamurthy was found dead in suspicious conditions on Monday in his parents house.

Police found a suicide note in Krishna's pockets which said he was committing suicide due to problems with a builder.
Krishna's parents and family are in grief and are not accepting the fact that  Krishna killed himself. Krishna works in Hyderabad and is survived by wife Geetha and four-year-old daughter. He went to Gunadala in Vijayawada for weekend to his parents house. But as his parents actually planned to go to Hyderabad and suggested him to come back with them. But, Krishna chose to stay back. When his family members found that Krishna was not responding to phone calls, they asked their relatives to enquire. The relatives found Krishna was hanging from ceiling through window and informed police.In the suicide note, Krishna said that builder Mahesh was trying to encroach his properties.

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