Once a techie, now a con man

Once a techie, now a con man - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In a shocking hobby, an MBA graduate goes to star hotels, drinks a lot , makes a huge bill and then absconds from the place without paying the bill.

Saroj Gunta(38) who resides in road no. 12, Banjaara Hills loves to drink alcohol in star hotels. He had started a software company and incurred losses. After going to police stations, his parents or siblings come to pay the bill and take him home.

On Thursday, he went to Park Hayaat, Banjaara Hills made a bill of Rs. 4700 and was caught while trying to flee from the place. Police investigation revealed that in the past, Saroj didn't pay the bills at other star hotels like, The Park, Taj Banjara and Taj Krishna.

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