Whatsapp Group Admins Can Now Restrict Sending Messages 

Representative Image - Sakshi Post

Snigdha Raju

In another step to give more power to the administrators of Whatsapp groups, the firm has introduced the latest feature which enables admins of a group to change a group’s settings to either allow only admins to send messages to a group or allow all participants to do so too.

The feature is, however, for the time being, limited to only one option so the admin still cannot block individual rights of an individual to send messages.

This is Whatsapp’s new feature in a series which are giving the admins more control over a group’s settings.

Whatsapp earlier rolled out an update wherein the creator of a group or the other admins admins can dismiss a newer admin from their position. The newer admins cannot remove an older admin from their post of an admin.

This update brings more credibility to this platform and the popular feature of Whatsapp groups by giving it more structure, avoiding spam and giving organisations an opportunity to use them in a better manner.

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