Google has now entered the Web domain registrar service world by launching Google Domains in India. This would mean that Google is now in the fray with other established giants in the field such as GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap, Hostgator and others. While other registrar services are known to offer deals to clients, Google currently has no such offer. Google is at present offering the service in beta phase in India.

One of the big positives for Google Domains is its user friendly nature and the client easily side-steps the usual challenges faced while setting up a domain. Google Domains takes the client through all the steps involved in setting up a domain—how to purchase it and set it up.

The entire process thus, has been simplified by Google Domains which makes the task of setting up a domain, a real breeze. It has segments to help configure the DNS, offer the option of buying customised email addresses from the dashboard, without having to go anywhere else, by signing up for Google’s paid service, GSuite.