TDP violating democratic norms: YS Jagan

TDP violating democratic norms: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

* TDP trying to forcibly control local bodies despite lack of majority

* Jagan writes to State Election Commission

* Demands that action be taken against TDP

Leader of the Opposition and YSR CP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy demanded that the State Election Commissioner take action against the TDP and its leaders for blatantly violating the democratic norms and constitution during the elections to the local bodies in the state.

In a letter written to the State Election Commissioner, YS Jagan pointed out that the TDP leaders, with the open support of the senior officials have misused the government machinery and had resorted to unfair practices, illegalities and unconstitutional means during the elections of chairpersons to the Municipalities, MPPs and ZP chairpersons held on July 3, 4 and 5 respectively across Andhra Pradesh. This was done to take forcible control of local bodies where they were in a clear minority.

"While the Kurnool district officials, acting as the agents of the TDP, have illegally erected barricades in the voting hall during the election of Kurnool ZP chairperson to intimidate the YSRCP members. The YSRCP members were earlier kidnapped, threatened and also lured by the TDP leaders," YS Jagan said in the letter. 

In Nellore ZP chairperson elections, YSRCP members were threatened in broad daylight resulting in chaos. The elections had to be postponed, Jagan noted. He demanded that the SEC take immdiate action and prevent the TDP misdemeanors. 


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