TDP trying hard to keep flock together

TDP trying hard to keep flock together - Sakshi Post

Describing the two day Mahanadu of TDP as a meeting to keep its flock together and to hurl baseless allegations against the opposition, YSR Congress has said that TDP which boasted of a national party has no clarity on its policies and objectives.

“The way the leaders spoke during the two-day Mahanadu makes it clear that TDP is trying hard to keep its flock together as people are vexed with the anti-people policies and the anti-incumbency factor has set in already.

This apart there is no clarity on the policies and programmes of the Party, and TDP only dwelt on criticizing the main opposition Party,” Party Deputy Floor Leader Jyothula Nehru told reporters.

Normally the Party convention (Mahanadu) provides a plank to discuss the future programmes and assess the achievements but this time around there is no such exercise as there is nothing to boast about as TDP has failed on all fronts and could not give a proper direction to its cadre, he said.

“The ruling party time and again tried to blame YSRCP for halting the building the capital city, but our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has categorically said that we are not against the capital formation at any place but we are only against the taking away of fertile land from farmers.

The Mahanadu has failed to instill confidence among TDP cadre and could not put forth its views on waiver of farmer and DWCRA loans, capital city formation and other core issues but has devoted more time on elevating the political heir,” he said.

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