TDP taught a lesson : Ambati

TDP taught a lesson : Ambati - Sakshi Post

YSRCP’s Official Spokesperson, Ambati Rambabu,is delighted over their party getting both the posts of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of ZP of Nellore district.

“Justice won finally,” commented Ambati.

“Chandrababu Naidu government, which implemented several malpractices in the local body elections, will face the wrath of the people in the near future,” commented Ambati.

He said,“It is very unfortunate that the ZP chief election of Nellore district, which should have been held peacefully, took place in tense moments.”

“Are we living in democracy?” asked Ambati.

He said that TDP leaders acted in objectionable ways to get the post of Chairperson of ZP of Nellore district.

“It is very happy that our party won the post of ZP chief finally eventhough the ruling party leaders misused their power. TDP has to treat this as a lesson,” said Ambati.

- Sakshipost

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