TDP's desperate attempt to woo BCs

TDP's desperate attempt to woo BCs - Sakshi Post

The TDP decision on allocating 100 seats to candidates from the Backward Classes in the general elections to be held in 2014, is a desperate attempt to woo the BCs who have stayed away from the TDP, as every single by-election result  since 2009 has revealed.

The Honorary President of YSR Congress Party, Vijayamma had already said in an open letter to Naidu recently that what was important was sending 100 sending 100 BCs to the assembly  and ensure their political empowerment.
The YSRCP BC Cell Convenor, Gattu Ramachandra Rao lambasted the TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu saying that if he had genuine concern for the BCs he would respond positively to YSRCP's proposal.

Based on the present division among BCs, there are nearly 135 different castes and seen in terms of votes more than 37% votes belong to BCs while 33.2% were those of OCs.


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