TDP popularity waning fast: YS Jagan

TDP popularity waning fast: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy lambasted the TDP for promoting defections and ignoring poll-eve promises. He said the TDP popularity was waning fast and called upon the party workers to intensify their struggle against the misdeeds of the ruling party.

Jagan, who has reached Pulivendula on Thursday, addressed the party corporators. Speaking on the occasion, Jagan said that we would have come to power, if the party too has announced fake promises and blatant lies to public. 

Exuding confidence, Jagan said that though YSRCP was given the role of an opposition now, it will be voted to power with a majority of 160 seats in the future. 

Stating that the TDP has stooped to unimaginably low level to get even ZPTC member posts, the YSRCP chief said the real strength does not lie in floor-crossing and weaning of legislators . 

He said by weaning away MLAs and MLCs from other parties, the TDP cannot silence the opposition. In the coming days, their lies will stand exposed.

In a veiled reference to TDP, Jagan said normally, the public would get disappointed with the government after two years. But, the TDP is fast losing its credibility within 20 days and would surely lose deposits in the next elections due to its opportunistic politics.

Jagan also said that YSRCP believes in credibility and values. He said politics should be based on credibility and principles. He further said the party was prepared to wage a continuous struggle for the people and called upon the workers not to lose heart and work in a united manner.


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