TDP MLCs' defection formalised in Telangana council

TDP MLCs' defection formalised in Telangana council - Sakshi Post

In an interesting development, Telangana Council Chairman Swamy Goud on Monday announced that the five TDP MLCs who recently joined the TRS will be considered as TRS MLSs from now on.

TDP has 7 members in the legislative Assembly and out of them, five MLCs have already bid adieu to the party.
The five Telangana TDP MLCs, including Bodakanti Venkateswarlu, Balasani Lakshmi Narayana and Narendra Reddy were declared as the TRS MLAs by the Council Chairman.
Under provisions of the 10th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, this would be allowed if it was supported by two-third of the party's MLCs. The Speaker also ordered the officials to make arrangements to sit with the TRS MLCs.
The defectors may escape disqualification as the number is more than five, which is more than two-thirds.

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