TDP MLA Erra Shekhar killed sarpanch candidate's husband?

TDP MLA Erra Shekhar killed sarpanch candidate's husband? - Sakshi Post

Some unidentified persons allegedly killed the husband of a sarpanch candidate in Mahbubnagar district on Wednesday.

According to reports, the miscreants  targeted Jaganmohan as he was having tea at a roadside stall at Devarkadra centre.

Jagan was a brother of TDP MLA Erra Shekhar. It's worth mentioning that Erra Shekhar's wife Bhavani is contesting as a sarpanch candidate from Chinna Chintakunta, while Jagan's wife Ashrita is her opponent.

The family members of Jagan alleged that TDP MLA, Erra Shekhar was involved in the murder. His relatives also said that Jagan faced a lot of pressure and threat from the TDP MLA to withdraw her nomination.

Wednesday was the last day to withdraw nominations. Jagan's wife refused to withdraw from the contest. The MLA also threatened to kill Jagan if he did not pay heed, the relatives said.

A case of murder has been registered and further investigations are on.

- Sakshipost

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