TDP MLA behaves rudely with women

TDP MLA behaves rudely with women - Sakshi Post

Eluru: Tanuku MLA Radhakrishna had created a ruckus at JanaChaitanya Yatra on Friday at Illanduparru of Iragavaram mandal in West Godavari district.

MLA Radhakrishna had participated in TDP's Janachaitanya Yatra in Illanduparru on Friday, where the local women had confronted him about allotment of house pattas sanctioned to them. Surprised by the protests, the Legislator lost his composure and shouted at them. He also instigated his followers and party activists to throw out the women. He made them forcefully send them out.

The women expressed their anger over the misbehavior of MLA Radhakrishna. They said it was shame on his part to behave in that manner towards the helpless women. Ïnstead of showing sympathy and providing a solution to the probjems, he behaved in a brash manner. This is unacceptable,"said a woman.

West Godavari district convenor of YSR Congress party Karumuri Nageshwar Rao condemned the rude behaviour of ruling party MLA.

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