TDP leaders disappointed!

TDP leaders disappointed! - Sakshi Post

The leaders of ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh have disappointed a lot with the recommendations of Sivaramakrishnan Committee on the new capital of the state.

Right from the chief minister, ministers and ruling party MPs have been saying that the capital would be formed between Vijayawada and Guntur only. But, the report of the committee is otherwise. The committee said in its report that most of the land between the two cities is agricultural land and so there is something loss with the formation of the capital there. With this, the realtors, who gave funds for the ruling party, too have disappointed a lot.

The committee said that the area between Vinukonda and Guntur district and Martur in Prakasam district is the right place to form the capital.

The TDP leaders are curiously waiting on the decision of the union government on the report submitted by Sivaramakrishnan Committee and the subsequent decision by the state government on the same.

- Sakshipost

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