TDP MP misbehaves with Chief Electoral Officer

TDP MP misbehaves with Chief Electoral Officer - Sakshi Post

Fear of defeat can get the better of anyone. On Wednesday, it got better of TDP MP, who forgetting etiquette,  lost his temper at a Constitutional functionary itself.

According to reports, CM Ramesh called Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal and interrogated him over the issue of bringing polling agents from neighboring villages.

Reportedly, CM Ramesh spoke to Bhanwar Lal aggressively questioning his decision to bring agents from villages neighboring Jammalamadugu constituency when the court gave orders  not to bring agents from other places?.

Irked by Ramesh's unruly behaviour, Bhanwar Lal berated the MP and said that the court doesn't come under his purview.   "Now, CM Ramesh is questioning me. This is the attitude of TDP leaders. Are public representatives like this in Andhra Pradesh," an angry Lal asked. 

The Chief Electoral Officer reportedly slammed the attitude of the TDP leader and asked him to behave properly.


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