TDP insulted me, says an emotional Aruna

TDP insulted me, says an emotional Aruna - Sakshi Post

Former minister Padala Aruna broke down while explaining the insults TDP meted out to her. 

Aruna, a strong leader in Gajapatinagaram, cried over Chandrababu's attitude on Friday evening. 

Announcing her retirement from the party she said that when she tried explaining to Chandrababu about the insults she received in the Party, the latter snubbed her.  

She also said party gave preference to a leader who , in the past, had changed three parties. She accused the TDP for failing to recognize her work. 

" I have worked for strengthening the party for the past two decades. I am a loyalist but the party did not give me importance," she said.  

She resigned from the party saying she cannot stay with a party that doesn't recognize its leaders' work. 





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