TDP has history of horse trading: Chevireddy

TDP has history of horse trading: Chevireddy - Sakshi Post

Reiterating the demand for the resignation of Chandrababu Naidu owning moral responsibility for the cash for vote scam, YSR Congress has said the saga of horse-trading is nothing new to TDP and the leaders stating that we have a deal with TRS is ridiculous.

“We have seen in the recent past how Chandrababu Naidu has used various methods to net elected representatives from the opposition camp in the local bodies’ elections and has pulled in MPs as well. He is well versed in the art of engineering defections and horse trading and the Revanth Reddy issue is not surprising as it is the wont of TDP leadership,” Party MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy told reporters on Saturday.

In nearly 70 mandals Chandrababu Naidu and his men poached into our turf and had taken away MPTCs and ZPTCs, by cohesive methods using police, revenue, muscle and money power and managed to get seats where the party has no majority in reality.

“This has been the salient feature of the TDP style of functioning and it has even lured MPs. The culture of horse trading is very much prevalent in Chandrababu Naidu and when he was caught red-handed in the Telangana state MLC elections, he and his cronies shouting at the top their voice does not absolve him from the crime.

The Chief Minister speaking of constitutional crisis is irrelevant as he himself has created it and it will settle once he resigns and faces inquiry instead of trying to ask the people to carry his shame. We demand that Chandrababu should resign on moral grounds,” he said.

“The allegation that YSRCP and TRS have a deal is baseless as it was TDP which had contested polls jointly with TRS in 2009. The ill-gotten wealth of Pattiseema was used in the horse trading in the MLC elections of Telangana state,” he said.


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