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TDP harassing farmers - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Coming down heavily on TDP government for harassing the farmers to  surrender their land for capital formation, YSR Congress has said that it will take up the  cause and fight on behalf of affected people and will also explore legal options against the dictatorial attitude of the State.

Farmers are being harassed and official machinery, more so police, is being used to settle political scores and the poor response to land pooling, with farmers voluntarily giving up land, shows that they are not willing to part with their land and the adamant State Government is using force and coercion to get its work done.We will not allow this to happen and will be with the farmers who are being harassed and will explore legal options, if necessary,” Party MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy told reporters here on Saturday.

The December 29 arson carried out in the fields of selective farmers who refused to give up their land for capital formation shows how desperate the State is and the irresponsible statements of the Home Minister and other leaders have given scope to use police as a tool to settle political scores.

Even now some farmers from Mangalagiri are in Tulluru police station and are being pressurized to name YSRCP workers and leaders for the arson. Ever since the arson occurred the statements of cabinet ministers and local TDP leaders have been directed at the police to threaten political adversaries. We will oppose such injustice and will move court on the issue,” he said.

The process of land acquisition has begun on December 31 and during the four days not even 500 acres were given up by farmers voluntarily while the need is more than 51,000 acres. This reflects the mood of the farmers and if the desperate State continues its strong-arm tactics, we will stand with the farmers and take the issue to legal recourse.

Our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has categorically said that we are not against the capital formation at any place but a debate should take place before zeroing in on any place. The State did not heed to the advice and has unilaterally taken the decision and uncertainty prevails in all the 29 villages falling in the orbit of the capital region. On the peripheries of the capital region, TDP entrepreneurs have acquired large extent of land and the governance have become a real estate enterprise with Chandrababu  Naidu at the helm, he said adding that the amendment to the land Acquisition Act  was brought in a hurry through backdoor to benefit people in high places. We believe in judiciary and we will be with the people. The State cannot bulldoze  public opinion, forcefully acquire land and harass farmers. We will fight it out in all forums,” he said.

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