TDP Govt kills old man before he dies

TDP Govt kills old man before he dies - Sakshi Post

Govt killed this pensioner before he died, cancelled pension while he is alive

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is on fast track! It declared a man dead months before he actually died and thus denied him his welfare pension in advance.. 

Suryanarayana, 69, of D Polavaram nearTuni in East Godavari district has been receiving old age pension of Rs 200 till Chandrababu took reins of power in Andhra Pradesh. Babu came and the pension was gone. The reason? The committee which was formed by the TDP government to check the beneficiary list declared Suryanarayana dead and thus cut his pension.
Suryanarayana, who was expecting the hiked pension of Rs 1000 after Chandrababu took over, was shocked to find his name deleted. He ran from pillar to post in Tuni town telling that he was alive and kicking, but the officialdom, had remained unmoved.
A tension-filled and perturbed Suryanarayana tried to re-enroll himself for the pension, but exhaustion got better of him and he breathed his last on Tuesday.
Incidents of senior citizens waiting for pensions collapsing in the queues have become common in the coastal districts ever since the regime change.


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