TDP GO on land dealings draconian :YSRCP

TDP GO on land dealings draconian :YSRCP - Sakshi Post

Describing as draconian the GO issued by TDP Government which authorizes the Revenue Department to monitor all land transactions, YSR Congress has demanded that it should be withdrawn forthwith as it leads to major land scams and is against the interests of the farmers.

“The GO no. 398 says that all land dealings should take place, with effect from November 28, with the permission of the Revenue officials which is a blatant misuse of official machinery as Chandrababu Naidu’s coterie has purchased land in large holdings in advance and the GO will only enable his business associates to further their real estate business,” Party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters in Hyderabad on Sunday.

The GO is draconian in nature and is aimed at benefitting the TDP leaders who blocked large extent of land after the swearing-in of Chadrababu Naidu. They would be immensely benefited and official machinery would be misused in giving permissions for land dealings.

People will reject the GO and we demand that it should be withdrawn immediately as it will serve as a weapon and discrimination will be shown immensely.

While farmers are a confused lot about their future and there are many unfulfilled promises, TDP government issuing such a GO further harms their interests and as a responsible Opposition Party, we will oppose the move and stand by the people.

Government mentioning that the reason for the GO is to check real estate boom, but the TDP top leaders have already purchased enough land and it will be used against the small and medium farmers depending on their political affiliations. We demand that the Government withdraw the GO immediately.

On the foreign trips of Chandrababu Naidu, he said: “The people who visited Japan along with Naidu have business interests in Japan and the Chief Minister has to tell as to what is the outcome of his foreign visits. During his previous tenure he is not known for bringing in a single industry,” he said.

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